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We are knowledgeable...

We spend our lives working with small owner-run businesses in the creative industries.

Our unique skill set combines tried-and-tested experience, a contemporary way of doing business and a solid foundation and knowledge of culture and the arts.

We can get your company noticed, know what appeals to clients, are up to date on the latest digital marketing trends and are experienced in how to combine these elements to make creative businesses stand out and
become successful.

Whether you are a passionate founder starting your first company and or an experienced entrepreneur who wants a second opinion, we can help.

We are dedicated...

Our team is small and our clients mean a lot to us. You are not just 'another' client in a long list. We work with a small number of businesses at any one time to ensure that we provide the attention and service

you deserve. 

When you call us or email us, a real person replies. We are contactable, approachable and work closely together with our clients - we consider ourselves an extended part of your team while doing a project with you.

There are no stupid questions, no 'wrong' time to get in touch and no one is watching the clock and charging extra for a chat.

Put simply, we will always go the extra mile for you. We are here to help.

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We are affordable...

We understand that independently-run companies run in a different way to big brands and corporate chains. We know there aren't bottomless coffers and that the success of your business is sensitive to costs and cash flow.

We know that budgets for external consultants and project work are not large, and that you need work that results in real value for money and a

tangible return on your investment.

Chiron Lifestyle Consulting is an agile and remote company with limited overheads. This means that our prices are reasonable and affordable for small business owners.


We know that the investment you make in us is an important one, so ensure that we provide high value in every piece of work we do for you.

We really care...

We know that for owner-run businesses, your business is your life. It doesn't switch off on weekends, it keeps you up at night and successes and failures really affect your day to day.

We understand because we are a small owner-run business too and we know the joys, worries, uncertainties and benefits that come with it. 

Chiron Lifestyle Consulting is a passion project; we love what we do and we care about the people we work with. We want our clients to succeed and be the best they can be. 


We will do everything in our power for that to be the case. 

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Ellie has an instinctive understanding of what makes for good marketing. Her energy and focus deliver results.

Lottie Unwin, Founder, Up World

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